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We thought we’d share an interview with a client, Start Sort Scale. We will catch up with Jeremy and Robyn over lunch in London this week. DG Solutions.io has worked closely over the last few months to assemble a grant application for an innovative AI solution.

The Journey

“Welcome, Jeremy Healsmith and Robyn Greaves. It’s exciting to hear about Pravi, your new AI tool at Start Sort Scale. Can you tell us how it’s revolutionising how charities engage with donors?”

Jeremy: “Absolutely! Pravi is a game-changer. It harnesses AI to help charities identify and engage their ideal donors. It’s not just about finding new revenue; it’s about supercharging their campaigns, making them more effective and impactful.”

“That sounds incredibly powerful. Where can people learn more about it?”

Robyn: “Those interested can visit https://pravi.ai to get more insights into how Pravi works and its benefits to charities of all sizes.”

“Moving on to the impact assessment. How did DG Solutions, particularly Mark, contribute to identifying key impacts and benefits of your AI solution in the grant application?”

Jeremy: “Mark from DG was integral to our process. He brought facilitation skills, innovative ideas, and valuable feedback based on his extensive experience. His involvement significantly improved our product.”

“Interesting. And in terms of technical collaboration, how did DG Solutions help articulate the technical aspects of your AI solution in the grant proposal?”

Robyn: “Mark’s technical expertise was crucial. He helped us translate complex technical language into something more understandable. He also played a key role in preparing the scoping documents for our technical partners, which supported our grant application.”

“It sounds like his involvement was quite comprehensive. Regarding strategy and vision alignment, how did DG Solutions aid in aligning your objectives with the goals of the grant funding body?”

Jeremy: “DG Solutions understood our technology’s potential and Innovate UK’s priorities. They guided us in tailoring our proposal to emphasise our AI solution’s alignment with innovation and societal impact.”


Interviewer: “What about the challenges you faced during the grant application process? How did DG Solutions assist there?”

Robyn: “The biggest challenge was finding the right technical expertise. Mark’s connections led us to Orbital Global Group. His relationship with them and we facilitated a productive collaboration, accelerating our progress significantly.”

“Finally, how did DG Solutions support your long-term planning, particularly regarding scalability and sustainability in the grant application?”

Jeremy: “They were instrumental in helping us craft a narrative around our AI solution’s long-term potential. Their guidance in highlighting the future impact of our technology was a key part of our successful grant application.”

“I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing the completed solution. I’m sure it will be a huge success.”

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